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Seismic Risk Assessment

Single-Site Seismic Risk Assessment (PML)

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Seismic Risk Assessment Portfolios

Seismic Risk Assessment For Real-Estate Portfolios

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Seismic Risk Assessment Lifelines

Seismic Risk Assessment For Non-Building Structures and Lifelines

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Seismic Cost Analysis

Benefit Cost Analysis For Seismic Retrofit Solutions

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Introduction to SeismiCat

SeismiCat provides an on-line seismic risk assessment tool for engineers serving building property owners, lenders, insurers and municipal analysts, consistent with ASTM E2026. The SeismiCat single-site tool uses USGS ground motions (2014 and 2008) computed directly for the relevant Site Class.   User can inspect the hazards for the site location, including fault maps, Site Class, liquefaction susceptibility and inundation zones for tsunami and upstream dam failure. Damage relationships include the Code-Oriented Damage Assessment (CODA) model, HAZUS and ATC-13.   CODA-Collapse evaluates building stability for any shaking level, using ASCE 41 to assign collapse performance category.