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Seismic Risk Assessment

Single-Site Seismic Risk Assessment (PML)

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Seismic Risk Assessment Portfolios

Seismic Risk Assessment For Real-Estate Portfolios

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Seismic Risk Assessment Lifelines

Seismic Risk Assessment For Non-Building Structures and Lifelines

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Seismic Cost Analysis

Benefit Cost Analysis For Seismic Retrofit Solutions

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SeismiCat provides an on-line seismic risk assessment tool for building property owners, lenders, insurers and municipal analysts. The SeismiCat single-site tool uses updated USGS ground motions (2014 and 2008) computed directly for the specific site class rather than scaled from soft rock (B/C) site condition. User can inspect the hazards for the site location, including fault maps (Alquist-Priolo fault rupture zones and USGS Quaternary faults), site geology and liquefaction susceptibility and tsunami inundation zones. SeismiCat provides free ground shaking hazard lookup to assist in scoping PML studies.