Yes! SeismiCat provides a free “Hazard Lookup” tool which can be used to identify USGS ground motion data and other hazards for scoping “Probable Maximum Loss” (PML) studies for any site within the U.S. Please see the Hazard Lookup page for additional details.
SeismiCat provides flexible subscription options to allow users select an arrangement that will work efficiently for their needs. We can help you choose the best configuration, depending on your assessment needs and volume of projects. Please see the Subscriptions page for additional details.
Please refer to your subscription agreement for contact info of the person managing your account. For urgent cases, feel free to see the Contact Us page to send us an email or give us a call!

SeismiCat Account and Profile

After logging in to your account, please visit the Profile > Change Password page from the top menu to set a new password.
After logging in to your account, please visit the Projects > Browse Projects page from the top menu. The amount of remaining credit will be shown at the top right area.
After logging in to your account, please visit the “Profile > Overview” and “Profile > Update Information” pages to review or update your account/profile information.

Software Features and Technical Training

Please see SeismiCat's features page for descriptions of software features. Also, while working in SeismiCat, you can always click on the "Need help?" button located at the upper right portion of all pages for more information on the specific steps required to be completed by the user.
ImageCat provides training presentations and Q/A sessions for new users getting started in SeismiCat, and existing users after major updates. Please contact us to hear more.
SeismiCat subscribers can access the "WikiCat" page after they log in. WikiCat includes extensive information on theoretical background for SeismiCat's models and calculations, as well as several recourses for seismic risk assessment. If you are not a current subscriber, please contact us for additional information.