CODA Collapse

The new CODA Collapse module enables the user to conduct a collapse screening analysis utilizing basic design parameters (R, Cs, T) to calculate the probability of collapse while also accounting for major seismic deficiencies (e.g. structural irregularities) and adjust loss values accordingly.

  • A simple, effective screening tool to estimate probability of collapse for existing and new buildings under various seismic probabilistic scenarios.
  • Collapse fragility curves calibrated based on the collapse performance objectives of current seismic design code (ASCE 7) under MCE scenario.
  • The procedure only requires basic seismic design parameters (R, T, Cs) plus additional information on the presence of significant seismic deficiencies using evaluation statements from ASCE 41-17.
  • Building damage estimates adjusted to account for seismic deficiencies, helping to justify retrofit to prevent collapse.