Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment

SeismiCat and ImageCat provide various capabilities for post-earthquake damage assessment of properties in the seismically active regions.

Integration of Published USGS ShakeMaps in SeismiCat

After each significant earthquake event, published USGS ShakeMaps are loaded on the database of projects in the SeismiCat system. All users can then visit their designated project space to determine if any of their stored projects (i.e. sites) were affected by that event. Users can access:

Implementation of USGS ShakeCast for Property Managers

ImageCat provides full consulting services to property and utility managers in implementing and customizing theĀ USGS ShakeCast1 application for near real-time notification of potential significant damage to critical facilities. ImageCat can also host the full application on a cloud-based platform for the users, which reduces initial capital investment for personnel and IT infrastructure as well as long-term technical support and maintenance. Contact us to find out more about the implementation process.

1. What is USGS ShakeCast?

USGS ShakeCast is a software application that is developed by the USGS for automatically retrieving ShakeMap and performing analyses using fragility functions for buildings and lifelines to facilitate near real-time notification of damage potentials via email and text messaging. USGS ShakeCast helps prioritize inspection and response in the aftermath of a significant earthquake. By focusing inspection efforts on the most damage-susceptible properties and facilities in the severely shaken areas, ShakeCast can reduce critical inspection prioritization and response time.

ShakeCast flow chart indicating flow of USGS ShakeMap data, users’ ShakeCast inventory and user databases, and notifications