About Us

ImageCat, Inc. is an international risk management innovation company, whose mission is to support the global risk and disaster management needs of today, using the technologies of tomorrow. As a leading provider of advanced technologies for risk and disaster management, ImageCat is highly regarded for cutting-edge products, consultancy services, and R&D activities targeting decision support needs for all phases of the disaster management cycle.

ImageCat’s engineers and scientists have many years of experience in performing natural hazard loss estimation and risk studies. The principals are known internationally for their efforts in developing real-time loss estimation and risk assessment tools. Having served as principal investigators on numerous research contracts and grants, we have first-hand knowledge of the issues that government agencies face after devastating natural disasters. ImageCat has extensive experience in building integrated models that produce output that decision-makers can use to form hazard mitigation strategies or assess levels of risk.
ImageCat’s technical experience can be categorized broadly into the following three areas:

Earth observation-based exposure development for disaster forecasting, mitigation, and response:

ImageCat combines EO data, various AI techniques and supplementary crowd-sourced information to build robust exposure models which can fill in the gaps observed in recorded data.

Catastrophe (CAT) risk modeling:

ImageCat has been a pioneer in multi-hazard CAT modeling and more recently the effects of climate change all around the globe. Experience from working in different environments (e.g. developed vs underdeveloped countries) has made ImageCat a frontrunner in leveraging innovation in forms of remote-sensing, predictive analytics (AI/ML), and crowd-sourcing technology.

Software platform development for risk modeling and data analysis:

ImageCat provides several software platforms for understanding risk, improving, and managing exposure, and delivering hazard data (see next page for descriptions of a few ImageCat Software products).

SeismiCat is an engineering-based seismic risk assessment tool developed by ImageCat’s engineering, seismology and software development teams. SeismiCat provides owners, lenders, insurers and engineers a powerful set of features to examine and manage seismic risks across the U.S. The online single-site tool (accessible as a web application from this website) can be used by one or more analysts in the underwriting or acquisition due-diligence cycle to evaluate the seismic risks for individual sites and buildings. SeismiCat’s multi-site tool (currently offered as an offline service) offers innovative solutions for seismic risk assessment of real estate portfolios. Our pioneering Robust Simulation methods mean that uncertainties in the model are exposed, reducing the incidents of devastating ‘black swan’ losses that can result from conventional modelling approaches. Click here to meet SeismiCat’s development team.


Find out more about ImageCat, Inc., its products and various consulting services at: www.imagecatinc.com