Seismic Risk Assessment for Non-Building Structures and Lifelines

ImageCat’s engineers and seismic risk specialists offer various consulting services for lifelines, utilities and non-building structures.

Some of the recent projects include:

    • Earthquake scenario development for seismic performance and risk evaluation of the City of Los Angeles water system pipeline network.
    • Seismic risk assessment for above-ground facilities of the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD), Riverside County, CA.
    • Seismic risk assessment of seaport wharfs and cranes (Port of Long Beach, Port of Seattle and Port of Portland)
    • Seismic risk assessment of nationwide portfolios of roof-top and ground mounted commercial photovoltaic panels.
    • Development of damage relationships for lifeline utility structures for the combined effects of earthquake shaking and tsunami inundation.
    • Seismic risk assessment of new combined cycle natural gas electric power stations in northern and southern California