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About SeismiCat

ImageCat, inc. is an international risk management innovation company, whose mission is to support the global risk and disaster management needs of today, using the technologies of tomorrow. As a leading provider of advanced technologies for risk and disaster management, ImageCat is highly regarded for cutting-edge products, consultancy services, and R&D activities targeting decision support needs for all phases of the disaster management cycle.

With SeismiCat, ImageCat provides owners, lenders, insurers and engineers a powerful set of tools to examine and manage seismic risks. The online single-site tool can be used by one or more analysts in the underwriting or acquisition due-diligence cycle to evaluate the seismic risks for individual sites and buildings. CODA and HAZUS make use of the engineering information found in more detailed structural investigations to adjust the building damage models for better results and lower uncertainty. The SeismiCat database allows users to save all the data and reports for each site, and with access through the web, the whole client team can collaborate and find the information quickly, wherever they are.

All of the high quality data for the site and structures from the single-site tool are saved for re-use in periodic portfolio seismic risk evaluations, using the SeismiCat multi-site tool.

The multi-site tool looks at portfolio-wide loss for many thousands of individual earthquake simulations to provide the strategic picture, revealing correlated risks and allowing portfolio managers to make better decisions from among risk-mitigation alternatives - geographic diversification, earthquake insurance, seismic retrofit and recovery planning.

And ImageCat's engineers are there to support the process.

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